Jukebox Mashup
Fun, interactive comedy music show.

One man…Craig Mitchell has been playing guitar for a number of years and very simply …you request ANY song in ANY style and Craig will play it! It’s unique because he will take 3 songs and mash them together to form one epic masterpiece. i.e. the chords to one song over the lyrics to another with sprinklings of everything else in between. with added element of stand up comedy -It’s truly original and is unlike all other live music shows.

The show is totally improvised.  It’s entirely based on the audiences requests and it’s great fun to watch and be a part of. GET INVOLVED!  If you want something different and enrolling for your party, get in touch.


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Both options come with PA and all equipment:

Solo- Vocals / Acoustic guitar.  

Duo – Vocals / Acoustic and funky percussion

Please contact the agent who sent you here or for a quote. Cheers! – Craig



Please contact the agent that sent you here, seriously- that helps everyone :) 

or please email: – those guys are great!

or call Craig – UK – 07754 265836. 


For other live shows there is the live Streaming app ‘Periscope’. Search  ‘@jukeboxmashup’ its all free. Get involved and watch from the comfort of your own phone.